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Parents workshop

Workshops are a great way for new, but also experienced parents to learn the latest information on the baby's development, behaviour, and parenting skills they will need during the first six months of the baby's life, but also thereafter.

What is interesting is that even with the availability of a great deal of information, it is not uncommon for parents to feel unprepared upon coming home from the delivery, so we want to provide parents with quality workshops that are entertaining, interactive and developed to help future parents overcome any potential problems they may come across through the variety of educational information and shared experiences with other mothers and fathers.

We aim to organize as many entertaining, yet educational gatherings as we can, where you will be able to hear expert insight from various fields through lectures, discussions, and group assignments. If you have any suggestions or topics that interest you, we want to hear them, as we will do our best to fulfil parents' wishes, because your opinion is important to us!

Since we organize workshops occasionally, you can see all the current courses, workshops, and educations on our website in the section - novelties.