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Coming home after delivery can be very interesting, but at the same time, a scary experience through which parents do not have to go alone.

You told yourself you would be an excellent parent. But it is sometimes normal to long for your old life and then feel guilty about not enjoying every single second of being a parent. Know that you are not alone! Wanting a vacation is a natural need.

Having help at that very moment is of imperative importance.

BPM provides its services 24/7 and we are here for you from your baby's birth to its fourth month of life. In our experience, this is precisely the period that parents need to adapt to the baby's arrival, but also a period long enough for the nurse to instill confidence in parents, educate them, and support them in this newly formed situation.

If you have a prematurely born baby or a baby that requires extra care, you can hire a nurse from our team. BabyProMed is a team of professionally trained nurses with years of experience working with infants at JIL. All BPM team nurses are licensed and members of the Serbian Chamber of nurses.

Apart from knowing that by hiring nurses from the BPM team, you would get a skilled and educated staff member with experience, you will also know that the person coming to your home has validated references.

From now on you can finally relax and rest assured that you are leaving your baby in safe hands. BabyProMed team is here for you, because happy parents raise happy babies!